Who Am I

I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles. Before coming to The Mount in 2015, I was a Resident Scholar at UC MEXUS, whose headquarters is at UC Riverside. Before that, I was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Latin American Studies at The College of William & Mary (2009-2014). I earned my Ph.D. in Philosophy from UCR in 2012.

While at work, I specialize in 20th Century Mexican Philosophy, Latin American philosophy, and existentialism (esp. Kierkegaard). I am interested in the history of philosophy in general, and some applied issues in particular (esp. the philosophy of race and immigration).

The title of my dissertation is The Virtues of Irony and Silence: An Ethical Reading of Socrates, Kierkegaard, and Wittgenstein, and I recommend that you do not read it, as writing it was mostly for my own sake.

While at home, I specialize in baking bread and pizza, made from flour I mill at home and my own sourdough starter; cooking dinner; and drinking good beer. I am a BJCP beer judge and when time permits, I enjoy judging beer competitions.

Finally, I am the proud father of Sofía Belén, born March 11, 2017.

The photo above is of the Guadalquivir River, which we visited in December of 2016.